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I have been obsessed with becoming a digital entrepreneur for years now. It’s a kind of disease. I love the creativity of the entrepreneurs in this space. In this article we are going to do a deep dive into an online platform called WarriorPlus, which is a platform where anyone can sell (or buy) a digital product.

Have you ever heard the phrase “buyer beware”? This does apply here. Without a doubt there are a lot of sub-par products on this platform. The reason for that is anyone can launch a digital product here, people like you and me. Naturally with an open framework such as this you will be finding that not everything is going to be fantastic. Having said that, I have definitely found really amazing software products on this platform that I find highly valuable. Others, not so much.

To quote the copy from their website –

Since 2006, WarriorPlus has brought together the leaders in online digital product creation and marketing. We’ve established a thriving and dynamic community where great minds share great products for greater success. We are committed to serving YOU and being a part of your journey to help others build their own profitable online business.

Be a digital entrepreneur not a consumer!

By far the most profitable niche is the “Make Money Online” niche. The problem here is that one can make a kind of career launching to people who will buy products and never take action on them. So don’t be one of those non-action types. Lets be creators, not consumers, be a digital entrepreneur and not buyer. That means that this platform is an amazing space for creative Entrepreneurs like you.

Photo of artist Andy Warhol.
Just a picture of Andy Warhol

Being an Entrepreneur is like being an artist. A place to express creativity. So lets dive in.

Lets Make Stuff and Turn Them into Funnels

Unlimited funnel building, upsells and downsells, products per page, multiple products, integrated email services and membership sites. This platform gives you lots of tracking capabilities, easily add affiliates to your offer. It is a great way to begin building your email list. I think of this platform as the gateway to this world. Not as a consumer, I mean as a creator. Let’s start here and then in the future explore JVZoo and Clickbank and other platforms. This is the place to loose your cherry. Why? Because it’s so easy and open and it has great support. So roll up your sleeves and come along for this ride and start our digital entrepreneur journey.

Warrior Plus sign up
Just do it.

You have absolutely nothing to lose to sign up for this. Take action!

New User form for Warrior plus
Click here to go to sign up page.

This market place is designed for people who want to create and sell their own products as well as affiliate marketers who want to sell cool stuff to people on their email lists. There is no cost to join as an affiliate, and there is no upfront fee to join as a vendor.

You Can Make Sales Without Already Having Your Own List!

One of the great features of this platform is the ‘Product Alerts’ function. This sends out instant alerts to those who have opted in for any products that have certain keywords in their titles.

List of most followed key words

So lets say you create a product called ‘WordPress PLR free’ – you will likely get some people interested. Now if it’s actually a good product, then bingo.

Lets Walk Through The Dashboard

So you will want to explore the dashboard. Just understand that there are two main types of users. Vendors and Affiliates. As with all things online, you may find that it doesn’t look exactly the same as the screen captures and videos you may find here, but this will give you a basic idea.

Pic of Warrior Plus dashboard

First visit the marketplace.

Pic of Warrior Plus menu

And then go to ‘Affiliates.’.

pic of Warrior Plus menu

Here is the Affiliates menu you can see we can drill down into ‘offers’ –

Launch Date

So here we can explore by launch date, sales, conversion rate, visitor value, average sale, commission rate and refund rate. In the screen capture above I have chosen the Sales tab so we are looking at the products based on amount sold. As you can see here, the first product – ‘Zero Hour Work Days’ has sold over 25000 copies, $3.50 per sale, you do the math. This digital entrepreneur is doing all right. Let’s press the blue Request button to request to become an affiliate of this product.

Pic of sales page for Zero Hour Work Day

It is here we can request to be an affiliate.

Spend some time, explore and click around. Just be careful, you might buy something. Remember, be a digital entrepreneur not a consumer. Having said that, I buy stuff from here all the time. Do what I say, not what I do.

Not to flog a dead horse, but once again, don’t fall into the trap of buying products and not taking action. So many people think that just buying these products is taking action. It’s not. This can become a lot like a gambling addiction. You fantasize about a better life and keep buying things just for the rush of fueling the fantasy. Don’t be that person. Instead, use this platform to create or use the platform to sell. It’s better to be selling than buying.

Account Settings

You’ll notice in the upper right hand section of the dash board you see a red rectangular box that will have your user name on it. If you press it you will see a drop down menu.

Pic of dropdown menu

Choose that and go to ‘my account’. This will taken you to the following page.

pic of my account settings

If you choose ‘Edit Profile’ it will bring to where you can edit all your details.

Main edit profile page

Here is where you can add your photo and other details. Spend some time filling it out. The Email, Cell Number, Skype Name will not be shared publicly. You will also notice that below this there is a section to add more detailed bio-information.

Other Account Settings

You will also notice in account settings that here you can change your password, manage your email settings, it is here you can add billing and credit card settings.

Press the green drop down to add a credit card or your PayPal details, as it says you need at least on billing method on file in order to use certain WarriorPlus services.

Please also take note of the notification settings.

Notification settings.

It is here where you can toggle on or off any updates sent to your email. There is also a link here to manage your emails.

All About The Benjamin’s

Image of us$100 by Phillip Taylor

If you are going to be using this platform to collect money, then it is a good idea to set up the two factor authentication.

This will ask you to register a cell number where you will be notified when any changes are made to the account and also you will need to authenticate on your cell phone when logging into your account.

Also be aware that you need two-factor authentication if you want to use the delegate feature. Delegates are other WarriorPlus users that can be authorized to access your account in a limited way to help you with tasks.

Manage Delegates feature


If we go to the ‘Account Summary’ tab, under vendor summary, you will see some information about fees. At the time of this writing it says the fees are 3.9%. However if you dig a bit deeper you will come across the following which describes the fee structure in more detail.

“There are no fees to join or be a member of WarriorPlus.

Fees are incurred by the Vendor of Sale on a per transaction basis, and are deducted before any other commissions or payouts are calculated.


  • 4.9% + 10c per transaction (3.9% until 4/1/19)


For users who have a Vendor score >= 60, you are eligible for lower rates based on your Total Sales Revenue within the previous 30 day period.


  • $  1,000+ : 4.5%
  • $  2,500+ : 3.9%
  • $ 10,000+ : 3.5%
  • $ 25,000+ : 2.9%
  • $ 50,000+ : 2.5%
  • $100,000+ : 2.0%

*The Volume Discount Rates are available for transactions using PayPal Plus, Stripe or W+ Wallet. Transactions using the older PayPal ‘Adaptive Payments’ are charged at the Standard Rate.

This rate schedule is effective starting March 1, 2019. (Max rate will be 3.9% until April 1, 2019.)”

Merchant account settings

In the Merchant Accounts setting you will need to add Paypal or Stripe in order to sell products as a vendor or promote them as an affiliate. You need to authorize WarriorPlus to make payments and refunds on your behalf.


WarriorPlus integrates easily with a number of third party marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Zapier and many others. It is here that you would set up these integrations.


Don’t neglect to set up all your re-targeting codes. This is so important any digital entrepreneur. You will fail if you don’t do this. If you are not sure what the Facebook pixel is or what the Google re-marketing tag is, then you need to do more research. I can not stress how essential this is. This is what digital sales and advertising is all about.

The Add Pixel drop down.

These are code snippets that you add to your web pages that allow you to follow people around the internet in order to continue to persuade them to buy your product. Typically users find it weird or intrusive, but this is gold for marketers and it is essential.

Death and Taxes

Under the ‘Wallet/Withdrawals’ setting you will notice that you are required to fill out a tax form before you can withdraw any funds. It is important to understand that not all sales are available immediately, so it is a good idea to set up Instant Payment Notification, so that you can check instantly to see when Paypal is being notified of a sale.

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) settings are a message service that notifies you of events related to PayPal transactions. You can use IPN messages to automate back-office and administrative functions, such as fulfilling orders, tracking customers, or providing status and other transaction-related information.

API and Security Keys

API stands for Application Program Interface, and programmers use this to access functions that any platform makes available through code to those who are creating their own third party systems. It is very important you keep this information private, because with this information hackers can steal all your stuff.

Creating An Offer

In the Vendor section, choose the drop down menu and go to offers.

The Vendor Drop down

When in the ‘My Offers’ section, press the ‘New Offer’ button.

The new offer buttorn

Once you have done that you can add in all your offer details.

Offer details section

Once you click the create button you will be taken to the second page where you can add the URL’s of your sales pages and create the affiliate pages.

Offer set up page 2

You’ll notice here that you can also add a WSO post, which is an internal service that WawrriorPlus offers the digital entrepreneur- which adds your offer to the Warrior Forum. You can also add a Checkout Banner here, add external tracking pixels, create a Prelaunch setting and allow for your Affiliate Program.

Once you press the create button you will be taken to the offer builder where you can build your funnel.

Offers page

Warrior plus will not let you build a funnel without adding at least one product page to your offer. Also, the platform offers detailed setup instructions.

Please watch the following video from my WarriorPlus video course to get a more in-depth look at the process of setting up an offer.

So as you can see this can be a bit of a process to set everything up, and this article is just scratching the surface. If you would like a more in depth walk through the platform, check out my full course here.

One of the great things about being a digital entrepreneur is that you do a lot of work initially in creating and setting up your product, but once it is done, the work load is greatly diminished and you just focus on promoting sales. In future articles I will outline some of the best strategies to increase sales.

Author John Victor
Author John VIctor

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